"All great changes are preceded by chaos" - Deepak Chopra

A Professional Organizer helps you make time and space for what’s important to you!

Using experience and knowledge combined with tested principles, we help you create spaces and organizational systems that promote efficiency and give you more time to enjoy your life. We motivate, empower and affirm our clients in their quest for organizing and productivity! 

Main benefits of getting organized

Simplify your life - An organized person plans ahead and doesn't need as much stuff. Your life can be made simpler with less stuff.

Save Money - When you are organized, you'll always know what you have, before you buy more.

Save Time - You will safe time in your life by focusing and minimizing the time spent on unnecessary things. 

Increase productivity - Getting organized helps you become more efficient in what you're doing. 

Find what you want - with "a place for everything and everything in its place" you will find everything when you want it. Thus saving you time and the need to buy it again.

It provides more space - Reorganizing a drawer, closet or room will result in more space, even if you don't throw anything away.

Feel good about your environment - Get organized, and you'll always feel good about your surrounding and experience a sense of freedom.

Be a good role model - You will make a favorable impression on the people around you, especially children, as well as family and friends.

Reduce stress and provide balance in your life - An organized person is in control of their time and is able to schedule in time for the things that count.

Minimize, Maximize and Maintain

Minimize clutter - maximize space - maintain the order these actions create.

1. Minimize

Probably one of the most important concepts in organization is the idea of minimizing belongings, stuff and things in any space. A primary reason people find themselves disorganized is that they have not learned, or taken to heart, the principal of minimization.

To be organized means minimize

2. Maximize

Maximize the way space is used and take the best advantage of the space available. Avoid misuse of space in a way that is inefficient. Ideally, everything should be maximized - that is, used to its best advantage.

To be organized means maximize

3. Maintain

Order is a constant process. It is fluid and changeable simply because organized spaces are used and altered daily. To be organized one must constantly maintain the minimize and maximize concepts. 

To be organized means maintain